In the US they capture a strange creature; was seen in Florida lake

A strange creature was captured in the US. Photo: Cuartoscuro | illustrative

A strange creature that was recorded on video has caused a stir among netizens, who do not know what animal it could be. The recording was captured by Joe Tiller in a park in Florida, United Statesand shared through your account Facebook.

The video, shared on popular social network, shows a strange creature that swims in the waters of the lake in the United States and that, apparently, measures several meters in length. The images realize that the animal moves before the eyes of strangeness of Joe Tiller.

The subject who shared the imagesHe even asked what animal it could be, since it did not resemble none known for him men.

According to images shownand that caused a stir in social networks, the animal makes movements in the water and advances several meters and then disappears from sight in the immensity of the lake in Florida, United States.

A manatee? Theories arise in networks

After the images of the strange creature were publishedSome netizens considered that there was no mystery and that it was a sea ​​cowas they said, in Low tide.

However, there were those who did not coincide with the rest of the explanations and limited himself to asking what could be the strange creature captured.

“Scary, what was it?”

Asked a social media user

Faced with this question, Joe Tillerauthor of video which accounts for the strange creature, stressed that he did not know what it was recorded and ventured to affirm that, perhaps, there is no clarity of it.

“Maybe we’ll never know!”

Joe Tiller

The truth is that the image caused a stir on digital platforms, because it is not appreciated with clarity what animal was caught in the video.

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