Guillermo Ochoa recognizes the pessimism against the Mexican National TeamMediotiempo

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Two months before the start of the World Cup, there is an environment of little trust towards the Mexico National Team, due to the results obtained during the summer and part of the Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022.

William Ochoagoalkeeper and captain of the Tricolorsaid that they will try to change that negative perception, although he warned that the pressure is not from the fans, but comes from other sides.

Pessimism, I already repeated it, I don’t see it in people; I perceive it from another side. It is not something that surprises us, as players; It’s something that I thought we had tried to improve, but it is not in our hands. We try to improve the message, but not all of us put the same to improve. It does not surprise me, it has been part of the World Cup processes. I was left with the message of the people, of the fans, ”said the American goalkeeper during the media day of the Mexican National Team.

The criticisms that there are – mentioned Ochoa – do not impact the spirit of the tricolor team, since they considered there is a united group around the project and the purposes pursued.

I can tell you that from the inside the group is fineconvinced of the work that has been done, with self-criticism of the good and bad things that need to be improved, they are things that as a footballer you cannot control, I keep the people’s message”.

Ochoa He said that they have been three years with the Tata Martino in which they have made the most of the concentrations and, now that the preparation is closed, he believes that the Tricolor will have a good performance in Qatar 2022.

We must believe in ourselves. It’s been three and a half years, we’ve had ups and downs, it’s normal; there is no time to work, train. So we’ve had time to work more on these last few months, be ready and perform well in the World Cup”.

How has Ochoa changed since 2006?

The first intervention of William Ochoa in a world was when Ricardo Antonio La Volpe took him as third goalkeeper to Germany 2006 and from then to now their priorities have changed.

Perspective has changedthe focus: the first World Cup I played I knew I had no chance to participatemy appetite changed and I said I wanted to experience it on the court. change the responsibilitybecause you have to go clothe the young people”.

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