Guillermo Ochoa expressed himself for the first time about his controversial save in the National Classic

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For the first time, Guillermo Ochoa referred to the save he made in the National Classic between América and Chivas.

Guillermo Ochoa increased his legend in the National Classic.
© Jam MediumGuillermo Ochoa increased his legend in the National Classic.

Despite the fact that he has had encounters with a higher level of play, America got what he was looking for and once again took the three points in the National Classic. In the Azteca Stadium, he won by 2 to 1 a Chivas and claimed his leadership, while stretching his incredible streak of matches without falls to eleven.

The commitment was what it promised and had several scoring situations, incidents and controversies. The clearest discussion play occurred at 54 minutes. When Las Águilas were already winning 2-0, but saw their leading role recede at the start of the second half, Serge Flores, of El Rebaño, headed the ball powerfully and the goalkeeper William Ochoa made a memorable save.

The strength and reflexes of the goalkeeper were able to deflect the ball so that it did not enter the goal. However, from Guadalajara they claimed that the action should have been marked as a goal because the ball “had crossed the goal line”. Both the VAR at that time and other studies were in charge of showing that this had not been the case.

Ochoa’s word

The missing word was that of the protagonist. In the press conference prior to the clashes of the Mexican National Team against Peru and Colombia, Paco Memo pointed out that “it was never a goal” the action. Business finished!

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