From behind, Demi Moore raises the temperature in a tight swimsuit

Demi Moore is an actress, model and producer of American origin who captivated everyone with her beauty in the ’90s and with her talent, starring in films that marked a before and after in the history of cinema. The ex-wife of Bruce Willis is 59 years old and is in charge of demonstrating that age is not an impediment to showing off her curves and through her account of Instagramfell in love with everyone by posing from the back and wearing a swimsuit for the occasion.

The race of Demi Moore It started when she was a teenager, since while she was in high school, she became interested in acting and therefore began taking classes that determined her future. When she was about to fulfill her dream, she was the victim of sexual assault that she recently decided to tell about in an autobiographical book. But, she managed to get ahead and participated in successful movies like ‘Ghost’ or ‘Striptease’.

Demi Moore, 59-year-old actress. Source Instagram @demimoore

A few weeks ago, the ex-wife of Bruce Willis was a trend on social networks when visiting Europe and especially the Louvre Museum in France, he starred in a controversial event with his little dog. Demi Moore entered the enclosure with his pet and was the target of much criticism. On the other hand, the American actress would return to acting to be part of the series ‘Feud’, especially the second season, which can be seen on Star Plus.

Through his Instagram account where he has more than three million followers, Demi Moore She was in charge of showing that age is not an impediment to show off her curves and at 59 years old she fell in love with everyone. The actress posed in a swimsuit on her back and her post caused a furor, receiving thousands of compliments.

Demi Moore took all eyes from behind. Source Instagram @demimoore

The actress showed off her curves wearing various styles of swimsuits and thus highlighted her splendid figure. It has been possible to see Demi Moore enjoying her vacations in Europe and her bikini photos made social networks explode, considering that she carries out a strict routine to keep fit.

From the front, Demi Moore also fell in love with everyone. Source Instagram @demimoore

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