Foreigner reacts to earthquake September 19 in Mexico; it goes viral

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Last September 19th a new magnitude 7.7 earthquake It shook at least 12 states in our country, being the third to occur on this date in different years.

The history of 1985 and 2017 caused speculation among the population about a possible new telluric movementjokes were even created that related the national drill with the attraction to a real earthquake.

The former causes year after year a wave of memes as soon as the month of September begins; jokes that have spread to other countries and nationalities. For this reason, the reaction of a foreigner to the earthquake was curious, who agreed with all those who warned him about what many have described as the curse of 19-S.

Colombian reacts to the earthquake in Mexico

The Colombian influencer known as Kenzy Sanguino He uploaded his reaction to his social networks after the tremor. The clip loaded on digital platforms begins with an exalted Kenzy who mentions the phrase: “They were, the Mexicans were right.”

In addition, he was incredulous at what happened; According to the young man, he was recording when the movement began. Lastly, he apologized to the Mexicans for not believing when they told him that drills are usually accompanied by a real case.

“Yes it trembled, yes it trembled! (…) I apologize to the Mexicans if I didn’t believe them when they told me that when there is a drill it usually trembles. I’m still in shock,” she concluded.


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