For Checo Pérez, the place where 2022 ends is the same, he already thinks about the 2023 title

Sergio Pérez has a clear goal for the end of the season and that is to win the Mexican Grand Prix

The Mexican Czech Perez He assured that in 2023 he will seek to fight for the world championship of pilots of the Formula 1something that he achieved during the first eight races of the 2022 championship and that he let slip with the evolution of the RB18 and the superiority shown by his teammate in Red Bull Max Verstappenwho is close to winning the two-time championship in the highest category.

Czech Perez does not live its best moment in the season, because it lost the second place in the championship. Given this, the native of Jalisco asserted that he wants to return to the victories and resume the level that he showed at the beginning of the year and in his desire he is not interested in being in second or third place in the table.

“It is important to close strong, to return to the victories and the championship is practically a fact that Max will win it and finishing second or third does not matter to me, now I want to return to a competitive level and win races to close strong in 2022 and in 2023 start strong and try again,” he said.

In a conversation with one of his sponsors, he acknowledged that “in recent races the car has been moving away from me” in terms of reliability and adaptation, which is why he has worked in these weeks to recover the configuration that led him to win the Monaco Grand Prix.

“I have not adapted so well to the new car and it is something that is in me and I work with my engineers. I am the same driver as six months ago and there is no difference in that sense, but the Formula 1 It’s a matter of details and that makes a difference. In Monza I had a bad qualifying, but I had a good pace race and I was able to recover a lot and in the end the result was not and everything looks worse than it is. In Singapore I’m sure we’ll turn it around and apart from that it’s been a good year,” he asserted.

Czech Perez has a clear goal for the end of the season and that is to win the Mexican Grand Prix, something that no Aztec pilot has ever achieved. The best result obtained has been the fourth place obtained by the Perez in 2021.

“My priority is to arrive at a good moment of the season and I dream of winning the Mexican Grand Prix. Working and preparing a lot. I have been in a simulator, Pirelli test after Monza and it was an intense break, because we haven’t stopped and then we prepare ourselves in the physical part, because it will be complicated by the time change and that will be important”, he commented.

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