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The Letter soup They are recognized for stimulating areas of the brain, which in turn stimulates skills such as attention, observation, analysis, retention and memory.

These cognitive abilities are of great importance for the human being through them it is possible to remain conscious and maintain a comfortable and healthy life, free of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’swhich by the way each September 21st is he is World day.

It is intended to make people aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy brain and this can be achieved with the help of various means, such as a good diet, reading, practicing physical exercise and of course mental exercise, not only word search puzzles will help you in this purpose but also other games such as board games, say, chess or dominoes.

The indications for this alphabet soup created by cool guru they are simple you just have to look for the hidden word which is “CONFIDENCE” and for that you only have 5 seconds on the clock


Photo: cool guru

Surely you know the importance of trust in life, once lost there is no turning back, let us remind you of the meaning of this word.

The confidence It is the ability of a person to think firmly about some event, person or fact. Belief, security, hope and faith are manifested so that they happen as she wishes and act appropriately.


It is time for you to check your answer, look at the following illustration that contains the location of the word.

Photo: cool guru

We have come to the end, but just to note why you should continue your brain gymnastics, keep in mind that it is very important to keep your brain healthy. We recommend making this pastime yours, you can resort to other healthy habits such as eating healthy and staying hydrated. Your brain will thank you!

Share science, share knowledge.

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