Consequences of eating too much sugar

Maggie Hegyi says that modern diets are loaded with added sweeteners, even the bread we eat has sugar, and there are many myths about its effect on our body, although people need glucose to survive, but not in excess. Do you know what the consequence of eating a lot of sugar is?

Desserts, muffins, chocolate, soft drinks, processed foods, everything has sugar, and these are some consequences of eating a lot of sugar:

A person who consumes a lot sugar and you don’t exercise, and that sugar that the body can’t process turns into fatty acid, the body stores it and it goes to the fat cells.

Another problem that excess sugar in the body it is in the skin, since the condition rosacea and acne can appear or even the skin can become dull.

When a person is anxious or depressed, they usually get very close to food, and what they crave the most is sweets. Since these mental disorders are related to inflammation and sugar generates inflammation in the cells.

Eating a lot of sugar makes the brain release dopaminewhich is the hormone of happiness, but can a sugar diet cause stress and depression?

Hegyi mentions that new research suggests that it is possible and if you connect the dots of a diet rich in sugars, an inflammatory response is left in our body, which in turn increases the stress, anxiety and depression.

Also an important point of a person who consumes a lot of sugar is that it generates addiction to this one and every time he wants more.

Maggie mentions that children who consume a lot of sugar can cause cavities and it is not that sugar directly generates cavities, but yes, sugar interacts with bacteria and produces acids that dissolve in the mouth and damage the enamel causing the tooth rots and that’s where cavities are generated.

He says some experts have linked eating a lot of sweets with an increased risk of heart diseasesof liver and even problems memory, senile dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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