Chivas fan pays humiliating bet on America VIDEOMediotiempo

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The National Classic not only defines the best on the pitch, it also means paying bets for millions of followers, in this case from the Chivaswho were defeated 2-1 by América with their large dose of arbitration controversy, but the rojiblancos are people of their word and to show this viral video.

Some may find it denigrating, others will say that it’s football stuff and part of the celebration of beating your most hated sports rival, but these compadres blew the fence because the Guadalajara fan was tied up like a dog -literally- to give him a ride.

With a belt around the neck pretending to be a strap, a fan of America walked the one from Chivas on a soccer field, from the sideline to the center of the field. Not satisfied with that the americanist spanked him “to educate him”, while the person recording shouts: “So that they go to Chivas”.

America, the team with the highest rating in Mexico

Speaking of the two largest and most popular, the Televisa company shared figures of the 10 most watched matches of the Apertura 2022 through their screens, highlighting that eight of those duels are from the Eagles, under the understanding that practically all their games are seen on open television, unlike the Flock.

Precisely the National Classic is -until now- the most viewed game with 8 million viewers. Note that in second place is the America vs Tigers with 5.1 million people, surpassing two other Clásicos of the azulcremas such as the 7-0 against Cruz Azul with 4.5 million and the victory against Pumas with 4 million.

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