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‘Bardo’ is described as one of Alejandro González Iñarritu’s most pretentious films, however, it seems that everything is about an identity problem.

The first advance of Bardby the Mexican filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritureinforces what has been said since the criticism of the Venice international film festival destroyed itIt’s a matter of identity. Nor is it about defending the director of Amores Perros when cinema is supposed to be a universal language, however, the interpretation of many sequences appeal to the feeling of belonging and longing for the land where you were born.

maybe For outsiders, there is a sense of pretension due to the author’s need to reimagine his life in a surreal and excessively artistic way., with the help of Daniel Giménez Cacho as Silverio, the documentary filmmaker who is forced to leave Los Angeles, California, to return to his roots. The story of many Mexicans, Central and South Americans; of Africans and refugees from wars, talking about Europe.

The progress is presented with a roll of the Beatles quite particular, “I’Am The Walrus”, a composition that John Lennon made to mock the excessive interpretations of the group’s music, prose and history. The video, the same way. The director of Revenant, an old acquaintance of music and radio in Mexico, has had the wisdom to use it in the same way? It would be unusual for him to have done so after the divided reaction he caused.

From our tragedy a lot of hope is born. It is part of the idiosyncrasy of the Mexican, at least that is very well reflected in theThe representation of the battle of Chapultepec Castle, where the six Children Heroes, in 1847, were the only ones to oppose the invading American army. His death, until now, is glorified, the strongest sign of courage and patriotism that we can find in the pages of our history. Nothing like wrapping yourself in the national flag and dying for our land, right?

‘Bardo’ will be released in theaters on October 27.

Iñárritu toured the west of CDMX and entered the neighborhood, the Los Angeles Hall to make his own dance version pulp fiction (Come in John Travolta Y umma thurman), He even entered biblical lands with the nails partially crucifying Silverio in an auditorium, which, if we are not mistaken, is one of the aspects that caused the most displeasure in the few spectators who have already seen it. In general, using religious metaphors tends to hurt quite a lot of susceptibilities or take the message out of context.

“To emigrate is to die a little,” said the director.

“To emigrate is to die a little”Iñárritu explained to El País, “What I discovered throughout these years is that the narratives that unite entire countries, the stories that infuse us from our childhood, are always interpreted by our nervous system. You are built into it. It gives us identity, sense of belonging and collective power,” he added. Bard will be released in Mexican theaters on October 27, on December 16 it will be added to the catalog of Netflix.

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