Aislinn Derbez uses this essential oil to have porcelain skin at 30

Aislinn Derbez gives us an important lesson in skin care and on this occasion the celeb confessed that she usually integrates an essential oil into her skincare routine, ideal for having a very beautiful complexion. You will be surprised how good you will look with this home remedy!

When we thought that showing off a youthful face, free of expression lines and healthy was only possible with expensive treatments, we recently discovered that there are natural elements that can help us with that mission, so get inspired by this famous beauty secret with many benefits for you.

This is how Aislinn Derbez removes wrinkles from the skin

Since the celebrity announced the launch of her hair and skin care products, we discovered that her appearance looked much younger. Her secret is to use a facial soap with organic coconut oil, olive oil, flower tea and lavender leaves, among many more natural elements.

Using moisturizing products to cleanse the skin is very important, as they help care for the texture, give a glowy finish and, above all, do not dry out the face.

This is how Aislinn Derbez removes wrinkles from the skin. Photo: IG

3 benefits of using coconut oil on the skin:

  • Deeply hydrates to fade expression lines.
  • Regenerates the skin to show off radiant skin.
  • Fights the appearance of acne and marks on the face.

You, would you try Aislinn Derbez’s trick with essential oil to have porcelain skin at 30?

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