A few days after being presented Optimus, Elon Musk’s robot, faces comments from skeptics

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for long months Elon Musk He has promised us that he will soon present to the world the prototype of his long-awaited robot, the so-called Optimus (also know as Tesla Bot). With the AI Dayits annual event dedicated to showcasing the technological and artificial intelligence development of Teslaten days after the celebration, the spotlights are back on Musk and his robot.


Optimus is one of Musk’s most ambitious projects. In August 2021, the businessman and his team spoke about the project and clarified that the robots will be built so that anyone can dominate or escape from it. Then the businessman said that it will measure 1.72 meters, weigh 57 kilograms, will be able to carry loads of up to 20 kilograms and will move at a maximum speed of eight kilometers per hour. It is assumed that the robot could reach the market in 2023, although nothing has been confirmed so far.

According to Reuters, Tesla faces the skepticism from technology and robotics expertswho doubt that the robot will really have the impact promised by Musk, who has assured on several occasions that they could soon be a fundamental part of homes where they will perform domestic tasks such as washing, mowing the grass or taking care of the elderly.

shaun azimi a NASA robotics expert explains: “Autonomous cars didn’t prove to be as easy as once thought. And it’s the same with humanoid robots up to a point.”

According to robotics scholars, even if Musk’s prototype could perform the tasks that the entrepreneur has promised, something more is needed to convince consumers that this is an innovative technology that can really have an impact on their daily lives.

As explained to Reuters Nancy Cookean engineering professor at Arizona State University, it’s not enough for Musk to present the robot moving at his event: “If you just make the robot walk, or make the robots dance, that’s already been done. That’s already been done. It’s not that impressive.”

Musk and his companies are no strangers to criticism from skeptics. At the time, many of his ideas were dismissed as impossible and the entrepreneur has not tired of showing what he is capable of. So, in the case of Optimus, the Tesla Bot, you will have to wait a little longer.

On August 23, the Tesla account on Twitter published the official poster of the event: the hands of a robot forming a heart.

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