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We explain the context behind all the ‘hints’ that are sending on the Internet


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If you want to conquer your crush, TikTok has a great idea: give her yellow flowers on Wednesday September 21 and you will surely win her heart.

And it is that you may have noticed that many users began to send hints (quite direct) to explain that it has always been their dream to receive a bouquet of flowers of this color.

The reason? for a song of the two thousand It’s called “Yellow Flowers” which marked the adolescents of the millennial generation.

If you did not know, the theme is performed by Florencia Bertotti and was part of the youth soap opera “Floricenta”which was produced in Argentina but reached many places in Latin America thanks to Disney Channel.

The meaning of yellow flowers

In its plot, the protagonist begins to work as a nanny for a wealthy family, and once the older brother, Federico Fritzenwalden, knows her sweeter side, he falls in love with her.

Of course, their love has many ups and downs (otherwise it wouldn’t be a soap opera), but the yellow flowers play an extremely important role in their story and, as all fans surely remember (and still suffer for it), Federico dies unexpectedly in an accident. .

That’s why the lyrics of the song become extremely tragic, but romantic.

Specifically, the date chosen on TikTok is because On September 21, spring begins in Argentinacountry where the show originated.

So now you have all the context you need to surprise THAT special someone.

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