Who is Heisenwolf? Details of the youtuber arrested for the death of 6 people

Last Sunday, September 18, Amado “N”, 26, was arrested after a car crash on the Pan-American Highway -Acambay, near the Bongoni neighborhood, in Atlacomulco, State of Mexico, where he was driving a red car with white stripes that collided head-on with a taxi that provided a collective service.

The first hypothesis indicates that the young man was driving at excessive speed and in the opposite lane, which caused the collision. The taxi driver and two passengers died at the scene, while three people were taken to a hospital and died while receiving medical attention.

Who is Heisenwolf?

Heisenwolf is the pseudonym under which Amado “N” published videos on Youtube. His main channel has almost 1.5 million subscribers, while the Heisenwolf 2 and Heisenwolf 3 channels have 136,000 and 47,000 subscribers, respectively. On Instagram, the content creator is followed by more than 116 thousand people.

The name comes from his admiration for Heisenberg, protagonist of Breaking Bad; She rose to massive popularity for her “3 Minutes Or Less” video series, in which she tackles popular internet topics such as “otakus,” “whitexicans,” and “e-girls.”

Similarly, he is known for his “memelogy” —videos in which he explains the origin of memes—, for his video essays “.RAR” and for the podcast “Alch no one asked you”, among others.

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The description of his channel reads: “I hate many things in life, and in general I know that it is unfair, painful, but what better than sharing that pain TOGETHER and making it more enjoyable, this channel is to be able to spend this time that we have in the best way, complaining about many things”.

In March 2022, heisenwolf stated his desire to explore more elaborate formats for his YouTube videos, but dropped the idea, explaining that he had been dealing with emotional issues.

“I have to be aware that I can’t afford to suddenly abandon something and want to do something else, want to do new projects that take time,” he explained in the video titled “I’m not okay.”

“Things have happened in my life that I can’t foresee and that just make everything more difficult,” he added.

How have Heisenwolf fans reacted?

In the comments of the most recent video on Heisenwolf’s main channel, titled “The worst villains of Mexico”, YouTube users have expressed their dismay at the events of last Sunday.

“Being worth mother Heisenwolf, becoming the owner of your own video”; “Either you die a hero, or you live long enough to become a villain. Thanks for everything Uncle Heisen, you’ll do better on the boat,” and “You were doing pretty well on Youtube, but all that work went down the drain.” for just a bad decision”, are some of the words that his followers wrote.

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Likewise, user joshe expressed: “I still can’t believe this happened. You recently reached 1M subs and graduated from University with a major in paws…. Your charisma and personality are very engaging and you were realizing your dreams. It’s a shame for everyone affected, and let it be a lesson that your whole life can change from one moment to the next.”

Heisenwolf remains in the hospital under the custody of security elements, who hope that his health condition improves so that he can attend an indictment hearing for the crime of manslaughter, scheduled for Wednesday, October 5.

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