What could be Canelo Álvarez’s next fight at super middleweight?

(Photo: Twitter/@@MatchroomBoxing)
(Photo: Twitter/@@MatchroomBoxing)

the return of Saul Cinnamon Alvarez to super middleweight also meant his return to winning ways. After beating on cards Gennady Golovkinthe Mexican boxer issued a warning to one of the most dangerous rivals he has ever faced. Dmitry Bivol He would still be in the sights of the Mexican boxer, however, the Russian could challenge him to try to strip him of his undisputed championship.

Eddie HearnPresident of Matchroom Boxing and promoter of the most recent fights of Cinnamon Alvarez, pointed out that the boxer from Guadalajara, Jalisco, is at a crossroads with respect to the Russian boxer. And it is that depending on the result of his next fight against Gilberto Left handed Ramírez, where he will expose his 175-pound title, will make the decision about whether to fight him again.

“Dmitry Bivol is our target (…) I don’t think Cinnamon want to go back to 175 to win belts. He wants the Left handed Ramírez beats Bivol for Mexico, but also he needs Bivol to win to get a big chance at a rematch. It is in the middle of that contradiction, “he said according to statements rescued by the portal. boxing scene.

Canelo and Bivol could face each other again at 168 pounds (Photo: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports)
Canelo and Bivol could face each other again at 168 pounds (Photo: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports)

Despite the difficulty involved in moving up a category, the Mexican keeps the desire to defeat Bivol. For his part, on several occasions, the native of Kyrgyzstan has declared the same intention as his rival, although his sporting hunger led him to declare a liking for challenge Cinnamon Álvarez in a battle for his four belts of the weight category super middleweight.

No one should rule out the possibility that Bivol could go down to 168 pounds to challenge him (Canelo) for the undisputed championship because he also wants to do it. We’ll see, but November 5, 2022 in Abu Dhabi is a very important date for his division, ”he assured the media outlet.

Although at the end of the 12 rounds where he was widely surpassed by Dmitry Bivol the Cinnamon Álvarez declared his desire to have a rematch, over time he announced a series of conditions to face him again. The most important was that his opponent did not lose the belt of the World Boxing Association (AMB), at least until May 2030.

For his part, the Russian boxer will have the first big test against Gilberto Zurdo Ramírez, who was the boxer designated by the sports organization to make a mandatory defense. If he wins, then his team could negotiate a rematch against the Mexican, but they will bid for impose conditions in your favor such as disputed titleas well as the place where the chapter will take place.

After having proclaimed himself absolute monarch of the 168 pounds, Cinnamon Álvarez revealed to the media that he will take time off to treat an injury to his hand. In that sense, given the possibility that his condition requires surgery, he must take a mandatory break from, at least six weeksbut the time could be longer to ensure your well-being.

“I knew from the beginning that I was strong, but I am grateful. I think I must have surgery on my left hand. I couldn’t even grab a glass, I am a warrior (…) Of course (I could face Bivol), we will see what happens, but the first thing is to rest. I need to rest my body, recover from the hand to come back strong,” he told ESPN.

On the other hand, he declared that his return could be in the fight in September 2023. In case Bivol manages to keep his title, his next fight would be the second chapter against the Russian.


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