VIDEO. “Please, let it stop”, this is how Spanish youtubers experienced their first earthquake in Mexico

This Monday, two Spanish youtubers experienced for the first time a earthquake of 7.7 in the heart of the Mexico Cityas shared in a video posted on TikTok, and their reaction has aroused the interest of Internet users.

The scene was captured on the street and shared through the account @aldarayex, belonging to the couple of foreign influencers, who live in Mexico and share their day to day. In the video, the young man is dismayed to hear again the seismic alert despite the fact that the drill of 19S.

He immediately expresses his fear and begins to walk towards an area away from the facades of the buildings. “I don’t want it to tremble, it scares me so much,” she says into the camera.

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Later, she confirms that the earthquake is real, and he, feeling that the earth is moving, feels even more. panic.

“Please, let it stop,” she shouts with her partner, who in fear hugs another woman.

What do your followers say?

Users of TiktTok They highlighted the contrast between the young man’s reaction and the calm that some of the people around him seem to maintain.

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“At least they weren’t inside a building”, “it’s the baptism wey you’re already Mexican” and “I’m very sorry but Mexico belongs to Chill”, are some of the comments.

Through his channel Youtube“Aldara and Alex” thanked the fans who offered their support and wished everyone to be safe.

“It was our first tremor in our life… I wish it was the last it felt horrible… Thank you for your messages of support, we hope with all our hearts that everyone is well. Take care guys.”

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