Video of crack and pool on the top floor in tremor go viral

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After the earthquake that was recorded, many were the testimonies that were documented thanks to the people who recorded from different points of the CdMx how they experienced this complicated event, which It goes down in the history of Mexico for being the third earthquake of great magnitude that occurs precisely on September 19having as antecedents the one of 1985 and the one of 2017.

One of the videos that went viral was that of a Twitter user, registered as ‘Dr. Cuzco’, who uploaded a video at the time of the tremor where a crack can be seen in the streets of the Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s officewhich seemed to want to open with the movement of the earth, something that alarmed users who even compared the movement of the earth with the strong waves of the sea.

In the video you can hear in the background the chaos that the city was going through, Well, barking dogs and the ambulance siren are heard that finish giving the terrifying touch. Until now There is no other information about the crack and if it is already reviewed by civil protection authorities.

However, this was not the only video that attracted attention, because in another tweet shared by “Chronicles of the Lost City” a recording is attached that shows another scene of the earthquake, but from above. The video is from a swimming pool on a terrace located on the top floor of a building in Reforma with the number 27.

The scene terrified more than one, because the violent movement of the water that manages to get out of its container, overflowing on the floor, is seen. In the video, a man is seen who is in the pool, despite the danger he was in, while recording the moment.

What is impressive about this video, in addition to the movement of the water and the place, is the view, since you can see the great height at which they were.


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