Throw yourself into the Magical Horror Festival in Real del Monte

In October all lovers of horror are invited to celebrate Magic Festival of Terror 2022.

The Magic Town of Royal of the Mountin the state of Gentlemanwill be the headquarters where monsters, witches, zombies and other demonic creatures will try to scare you more than once.

More than 250 actors will be spread across various attractions to test your mettle.

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In Destinations we tell you everything you need to know about the second edition of the Terror Festival 2022 in Real del Monte.

The attractions of the Festival of Terror

Royal of the Mount It will be divided into three sections, in which there will be a total of 10 horror attractions, distributed in the Cultural Center Auditorium, the Artists’ Alley, the El Hiloche Forest, the english pantheonamong other places.

The circus of terror and the Forest of the Spirits They will be in zone A, near the wooded area of ​​the town. The attractions Black Death, Demon’s Labyrinth, Killer Nuns, Butcher, the excorsite Y Demon Jail They will be in zone B, in the center of town.

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zombie attack Y Cursed Cemetery will be located in zone C, east of Royal of the Mount.

There will also be a parade through the main streets of the town, where you can take pictures with the monsters.

How much does the ticket to the Magical Terror Festival cost?

There are 5 packages with different benefits…
The first is the Pass Cañitas, which includes a pass to a single attraction and access for one time; the price is $150 pesos in presale and $200, normal.

The RIP Pass offers admission to all the attractions, but you will only enter once, and the price is $300 pesos in presale and $400, normal.

The third option is the Ouija Pass, which includes a pass to all the attractions for several times. The cost is $650 pesos in presale and $800, after this period.

The VIP Pass includes unlimited access to the attractions, private transportation and a gift kit. The presale price is $1,300 pesos and $1,500, normal.

And the VIP gold, the most expensive, includes everything from the VIP, plus a dinner and alcoholic beverages. In presale, the ticket costs $1,800 pesos and $2,000, normal.

Hurry because the presale ends on September 30. Get your tickets on their official website.

dates and times

The Magic Festival of Terror It will begin its activities on October 1 and will end on November 2. The days in which they will be available, both the attractions and the parade will be Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

monster-forest.jpgPhoto: Adam Flockemann/Unsplash

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The parade will begin at 5:00 pm and the rides will be available from 6:00 pm to midnight.

Some recommendations

Before you buy your ticket, keep in mind that this festival is open to children ages eight and up, as long as they are under the responsibility of a parent or guardian.

The attractions are not suitable for people who have recently had surgery; who suffer from back or neck injuries; pregnant women; nor for those who suffer from heart conditions, epilepsy, blood pressure problems or nervous disorders.

No type of alcoholic beverages will be sold inside the attractions. Take into account that there will be security personnel at all times.

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