This is what Unison medical students think of their career

Unison medical students know about the pressures and strenuous burdens that they experience in their training stage, but they themselves affirm that it is part of their preparation and they seek to cope with it throughout their studies.

From the classrooms, students of medicine they listen to what awaits them in the interim; scolding, exhaustive guards and being “the talk” of doctors or residents within a hierarchy imposed by an unstipulated regime within medical institutions.

Despite this, students in the first semesters of the University of Sonora share don’t worry until the time comessince the internships reach the end of their preparation in a career that implies studying at the university 15 semesters.

“Yes, we have heard that it is much more demanding than being here at school and many times they tell us that residents or higher-ranking doctors mistreat you, you are the last in the food chain of the hospital, but it is also depending on the person who touches you, I imagine that a cool resident can touch you”indicated Ana Robles Montoya, a third-semester student.

For his part, student Alfonso Valenzuela, also in the third semester, shared that not only in the classroom can students listen to these testimonies, but on the internet there are videos wheree doctors tell of their experiences and explain that they have not done well at all.

“They explain their experiences, some have been bad, so to speak, that they do not let them sleep, that they scold them a lot, that they make them do very exhaustive work, the guards are what end up finishing you, according to what they say”shared the young man.

The students are aware that the highest suicide rate of the professions is the one that occurs in the health areaEven so, this does not represent a problem to continue with their professional preparation as indicated by Nailea Holguín, a third-semester student.

“We are constantly exposed to greater stress, it could be said, but that has more to do with the career, not with the schools, because it is the same in all of them, I am in a very low semester and I do not know anything about internships, but I have heard that Doctors of higher ranks are not very friendly”shared the student.

Manuel Campa Sáenz and Julio Bojórquez Valenzuela, both students of medicine of fifth semester agreed that they understand the rigor of internshipssince studying in the classroom is not the same as dealing with a patient.

“It is part of the same career, knowing how to cope with the academic load that this entails in order to later project yourself in the future as a professional, there are times that due to the desperation of some teachers, you are dealing with the lives of patients, sometimes there are screams, sometimes there are scoldings, but I think that for the area that we are dealing with, we must learn to deal with it”Julio Bojorquez explained.

The race of medicine It is one of the most demanded and most demanding specializations, enthusiastic young people enjoy their preparation process without fear of the futureeven so, it is your knowledge, what awaits you on the last step for your preparation.

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