This is how Dua Lipa uses the essential oil to have porcelain skin

Dua Lipa has revealed her trick favorite for have porcelain skinso get inspired by this Home remedy that the singer uses to show off such a radiant complexion, the best thing is that you will only need a essential oil that you probably already have at home. wear a youthful face it was never so simple!

If this very cold season you want to bet on a natural moisturizer that improves the appearance of your skin, bet on this beauty trick that the interpreter of ‘One kiss’ usually use. Remember that before integrating a new product into your skincare routine you should consult a specialist who check its compatibility with your skin.

This is how Dua Lipa prevents wrinkles in her 20s

As revealed in an interview for Vogue UK, usually remove make-up every night with musk oilyes, you read right. It is a ritual that he repeats daily to deep clean your pores, prevent the appearance of signs of aging and acne breakouts.

“When I was younger I didn’t care. I was the type of person who would just wash my face with soap and use it one day. But when I turned 18, I started take care of my skin and be very kind”, he added.

This is how Dua Lipa prevents wrinkles in her 20s. Photo: IG

How does Dua Lipa remove skin blemishes?

He also commented that one of his basics for prevent skin cancer or skin pigmentation it’s sunscreen, a new habit that has come into your life. “I cared about it only when I was in the sun, but now I’m trying to take care of my skin, so I use it all the time,” he confirmed.

you would use the essential oil what applies Dua Lipa to have porcelain skin? We will soon put this recommendation to the test.

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