They filter mail with Messi’s demands to renew with Barcelona

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Leo Messi returned to fill the pages of the newspapers this Tuesday in Spain, because the content of some emails was leaked they exchanged in 2020 Jorge Messi, the footballer’s father, and Josep María Bartomeuthen president of Barcelona, ​​lawyers and other members of the Blaugrana leadership.

They specifically detail the conditions imposed by Leo to renew with the clubsince he only had one more year left on his contract, with advantageous clauses despite the crisis that began with the pandemic.

The newspaper The worldwhich claims to also have documents referring to Gerard Piqué and Neymar, among others, presented an email sent by a person named Jorge Pecorurt to managers -including Bartomeu, as well as the Messi and their lawyers- in which the needs of the Argentine star appear in detail.

Messi’s requests

  • Contract until 2023 with the possibility of a unilateral extension for Leo Messi.
  • Fixed salary in which he would only support the club for one year due to the crisis: it would drop 20% in 2020/21, but would rise 10% in 21/22 and another 10% in 22/23, plus stipulated interest at 3% year.
  • Loyalty bonuses.
  • Box for his family and that of Luis Suárez
  • Private flight at Christmas to spend with his family in Argentina
  • Bonus for signing a new contract of 10 million euros
  • Increase in remuneration in case taxes grow
  • Elimination of the termination clause

Because the impact of the pandemic was stronger in the club, Bartomeu had to negotiate again with the family, claiming that they could only return to a pre-pandemic level salary when revenues of 1,100 million euros will be achievedwhich has not happened so far, so Jorge Messi cut the negotiations which triggered Leo’s departure in mid-2021.

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