They capture a Tecámac official in alleged sexual acts in the middle of the office

Tecámac, Méx.- In a video that was broadcast on social networks, the regional director of the federal government’s Welfare Programs in Tecámac, Carlos Alberto Estevez Rivasin alleged sexual conduct, in offices provided by the city council.

The morenista mayor of Tecámac, Mariela Gutiérrez Escalante, criticized what can be seen in the images.

“I am deeply outraged. In various pages of this social network, a video and photographs have been circulating for a few hours in which the Regional Director of the welfare programs in Tecámac can be seen in attitudes or behaviors of a sexual nature with two women who apparently are collaborators of said dependency ” he wrote on his wall Facebook.

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In the video it can be seen that the federal official is sitting and talking on the phone, on his left side is a young woman in a bra and in her hands she has her blouse, when she approaches, she bends down and pretends to fellatio, Carlos Estevez holds her head.

“What can be seen in the video (which of course I will not reproduce), is obviously unacceptable and inappropriate for any public servant, especially if it was committed in the facilities that the City Council provided to the agency for its operation,” wrote the Tecamacan mayor.

“I immediately contacted the representative in the State of Mexico of the Ministry of Welfare, Juan Carlos González Romero, to request his urgent intervention in this sad and unfortunate incident, so that he investigates and punishes those who with their evident behavior offend and it violates women, the institution it represents and citizens in general”, expressed Mariela Gutiérrez.

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In addition to the video, other photographs circulate on social networks in which the regional director of the Welfare Programs in that municipality of Mexico is observed accompanied by another woman, whom he allegedly touches on the chest.



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