These are the professions that will take you to work in Canada in 2022

quebec It is one of the most prosperous provinces for Live in Canada and Mexicans have the opportunity to work there in a completely legal way.

Québec International announced a new call to participate in Journeys Quebec and thus achieve live and work in canada in a documented way.

Through the page Quebec in the Head they say their program seeks to promote economic development of the region organizing in different parts of the world convocations for students and qualified workers, eager to come and settle in quebec and its surroundings. They emphasize that their organization has the support of the Government of Canada.

On August 23, the call for workers in Latin America was published. If you belong to a country in this region, you can now apply for the Journées Québec Amérique latine. To do so, you need to create a profile on this websiteidentify job vacancies according to your professional profile and send your application before September 26, 2022.

Although different professionals can apply for vacancies, the reality is that most apply for a STEM profile; that is, a profession oriented to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“Are you interested in working in the information technology sector in one of the most beautiful regions of Canada? Participate in the Journées Québec AMÉRIQUE LATINE! There are numerous vacancies available in companies that offer excellent working conditions. Quebec in tete.

According to its publication, some of the professions with vacancies are:

-Cybersecurity adviser

– Developer in artificial intelligence.

Java developer.

-DevOps specialist.

-Scrum Master.

Software architect.

Programmer analyst.

-Functional analyst of computer systems.

-Quality assurance analyst.

-Video game programmer.

The key dates of the recruitment process

If you want to participate in the program, you must register before September 26. The entire process is free.

-Registration: August 23 to September 26, 2022

-Selection period: from October 26 to 11, 2022

-Call period: from October 11 to 15, 2022

-Job interviews: October 24-28, 2022 – online

How to apply for jobs in Quebec?

If you want to participate in the selection process, the first thing you have to do is identify if there is a job offer that matches your profile. Go to the page Job offers in Quebec, Canada and check the vacancies.

Once you have identified one of your interest, create a profile on the page Mon Compte Québec En Tête. After accepting the privacy conditions, you proceed to create an account.

In the account you must write down your data in French: name, nationality, address, email and time where you are so that, if you are selected, you will be interviewed on your schedule. There is also a section to write down your professional experience and academic training.

A very important section is the language section. You must write down the languages ​​you speak, as well as the percentage of mastery. Remember that in Québec they speak French, so they give preference to those who have full command of this language.

Choose an interview time. Then you must select one or more job offers of your interest.

Québec International reminds applicants that the registration process is completely free.

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