“The use of the face mask is only a recommendation”: López-Gatell

CITY OF MEXICO (appro).- “The Mexican government never declared the mandatory nature of the face mask, therefore, we do not have to declare that it is no longer mandatory because it never was, it is only a recommendation,” said the federal undersecretary of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell Ramirez.

He even announced that next week the sanitary security measures that were published in July 2020 in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) will be replaced, to guarantee a safe return to work activities in work units that include airports and airplanes. because filters, face masks and the application of alcohol are currently “no longer essential” due to the fact that the coronavirus pandemic continues to decline.

Shortly before the fifth wave they were no longer and we wanted to suspend the validity of those activities that were decreed in the Official Gazette in July of the year before, but the fifth wave came and we considered it inappropriate to suspend them”, he said and added:

“At this time it is already under review and that agreement published in the Official Gazette of the Federation will be addressed and replaced by a series of recommendations that will only have that character, but not mandatory for companies and commercial units of a labor nature,” López said. -Gatell Ramirez.

At the morning conference, the federal official insisted that the mask is only useful in closed public spaces where it is not possible to maintain a healthy distance and gave the example of land transportation such as buses, minibuses and the Mexico City Metro system.

He also recalled that some state and municipal governments, the latter “without competition”, decided to make the face mask mandatory and now they are retracting, he assured.

The mask is useful mostly to prevent respiratory viruses, not only Sars 2 Cov, from leaving the respiratory tract of an infected person towards other people, but it is of minimal or limited utility to prevent these virus particles from reaching the uninfected person.

At this time with minimum infection rates not only in Mexico but in general in the world where all countries are in a synchrony to reduce the epidemic, the face mask is even less useful, “said López-Gatell.

Then, he explained that there is significant confusion in the country with an element that is already being modified on the issue of sanitary measures for the safe return to commercial and work spaces.

“When we finished the National Day of Healthy Distance that lasted six weeks and we passed what at the time we called the New Normality, the process of incorporating certain protection activities into public life in a controlled and regulated way, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador established the New Normality Committee made up of four institutions: the Secretaries of Health, Labor and Economy, as well as the IMSS to implement health security measures in work units that includes airports,” he recalled.

Among the measures implemented in July 2020, filters, face masks and gel alcohol stand out, which at the time were essential for a safe return to work activities and at this time “are no longer essential,” said López Gatell.

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