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The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and, of course, the bed is its main element. Together with it, the headboard plays an essential role in the most restful area of ​​the home. It is a key piece in the decoration and we want it to transmit peace, relaxation and calm.

When we buy a bed we want it to be firm, comfortable and have optimal durability characteristics that allow us to rest properly. It is therefore worth spending money on a good mattress and pillow. If your budget is tight, you can leave to make the headboard of it at home. Although it may seem complicated, this decorative element is easier to make at home than it may seem.

Tips for making a homemade headboard

View of modern bright stylish bedroom


headboard with pallets

For industrial-style bedrooms, pallets are ideal. We can place them on the wall and use their shapes to create bedside tables or small shelves. We can also use their holes to add detail lighting. As it is wood without any previous treatment, the number of finishes that we can give a pallet is infinite.



parquet headboard

If you are passionate about wood as well as pallets, you can make a headboard with boards of different types or even with parquet. If you have pieces left over from other rooms, you can use them for your design. It is a simple choice. The parquet boards are already cut so all you have to do is fit them attached to a board that serves as a base.

Headboard with old windows


Headboard with antique windows and doors

Can you think of a more unique headboard than one made of old shutters? It brings a rustic feeling to the space but at the same time care. We can restore them, varnish them, upholster them and paint them. Decorate them to our liking so that they fit perfectly with the design of our bedroom. And, if we do not have shutters at our disposal, doors are another great option. Furniture is recycled giving it a second use.

Around us we have a multitude of options and all very diverse. The manufacture of the headboard at home is an excellent resource if we are looking for this element to fit our personality but without making an excessive financial investment. In this way, the headboard can become the protagonist of our rest area. You just have to choose the alternative that best suits our style, the design of the bedroom and get down to work!

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