The best eco-friendly solutions for your home are at Leroy Merlin

Currently, finding a way to save on heating and electricity has become one of our priority tasks and that is because the scale of energy prices has left us all shivering in our pockets.

That is why it is important that we find some alternatives that allow us to heat our home in a more efficient way at an energy level, not only because of the savings that they can bring us, but also because they are an excellent way of take care of the environment. This is where heat sources such as underfloor heating or pellet stoves come into play.

Leroy Merlin is aware of the fame of these new technologies and that is why it has released a series of eco-friendly devices that intend to help you in this task, continue reading to know them.

Leroy Merlin: sustainable heat and energy savings

What is ecofriendly is in fashion, and not only because of respect for the environment, but also because of the energy efficiency that these types of products have and that makes we save a good amount of euros on our energy bill.

thermostat sustainable heat leroy merlin

That’s why we leave you with a list of the best sustainable heating devices that you can buy at Leroy Merlin. Take note of them!

ENERGEEKS 3 smart thermostat

We start with a thermostat that is currently discounted on the DIY platform: the ENERGEEKS 3 Smart Thermostat. We can buy it for a price of only 79 euros and it works intelligently to help us regulate the temperature in our home.

What do we get with this? Basically, maintain a stable temperature in our house and thus avoid energy peaks, which are the main culprits that increase our energy bill.

In addition, this type of device can be programmed so that the heating turns on and off at those times that we want for improve its comfort.

Ceramic emitter EQUATION Hera 1500w

Another alternative that may interest you is this ceramic emitter from the EQUATION brand, which currently has a price of 309 euros instead of 369 euros.

The thermal emitters they are the white radiators that we usually find many times in the houses of our country and that allow us a more sustainable energy consumption. This is due to different factors:

  • Are modular, so we can choose a model with more or less blocks depending on the power we need. And, as you well know, the power is defined by the room that we have to heat.
  • They work with electricityso they are a much cleaner energy system than traditionally used radiators that work with a gas boiler.
  • They are smart models. In other words, they usually have an application through which we can control all kinds of issues related to their operation and not only that, but also detect if any window has been left open and unnecessary energy expenditure is taking place.

As you can see, these types of products have many advantages and are also one of the easiest options to install because they do not need any type of fuel.

Pellet hydro stove INNOFIRE Idrochip 11 kw white

We turn to sustainable heat sources, as is the case with pellet stoves, one of the best alternatives to heat our home economically and ecologically. In this case, we bring you a very interesting model that you can buy at a price of 1,889 euros.

Although the initial price may seem expensive to you, think that this type of stove operates with biomass, so the gas to which you will have to resort to put them into operation is more than affordable. In fact, pellet stoves have many interesting advantages for our homes.

Junkers Frigo 15kW Aerothermal Equipment with DHW (277L)

The latest sustainable heat device that we bring you is this Junkers brand aerothermal equipment that you can find at Leroy Merlin at a price of 11,759 euros.

But, what is aerothermal? We are talking about a renewable energy that takes advantage of the outside air to produce energy that will later be used to heat our home, either in terms of domestic hot water, but also in terms of heat pumps if we have them.

Aerothermal energy is one of the most up-to-date renewable energy systems and is having the best acceptance because it adapts to all types of homes and allows us to save up to 75% of energy consumption compared to a traditional electrical system. Assuming, therefore, one of the best alternatives to reduce consumption in our home, especially if we combine it with other options such as underfloor heating.

In summary, there are very interesting devices within our reach that can help us lower the amount of our energy bill. In addition, despite the fact that they may seem expensive at first, we must be aware that it is a investment that we are going to recover in the short-medium term. We hope that this article has helped you to get to know them a little better.

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