The beautiful Byzantine mosaic that he found under his garden


An ornate Byzantine mosaic with a wide variety of colorful birds and other animals was discovered in Gaza by chance after a Palestinian farmer tried to plant some trees. After a few weeks, he wondered why they didn’t grow, if, in theory, the land was suitable.

Digging, however, made the interesting find.

According to local media, Salman al-Nabahin was the one who unearthed the piece a few months ago in his olive grove in the Bureij refugee camp.

The ornate Byzantine mosaic showing a variety of colorful birds and other animals was discovered by chance when a Palestinian farmer was trying to plant new trees on his land.

Salman al-Nabahin unearthed the relic six months ago while working in his olive grove in the Bureij refugee camp, a kilometer from the Israeli border.

While trying to figure out why some trees hadn’t taken root well, Nabahin said he and his son started digging. Then the son’s ax hit something hard and strange-looking.

“I searched the internet… We found out it was a mosaic from Byzantine times,” Nabahin said, sitting next to the discovery. “I see it as a treasure, more than a treasure. It is not personal, it belongs to all Palestinians.”

The Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said the piece of floor discovered included several mosaic panels depicting animals and other features of social life during the Byzantine era.

“The archaeological discovery is still in its early stages and we are waiting to learn more secrets and values ​​of the civilization,” the ministry said in a statement. “The national analysis teams are working in collaboration with international experts and scientists from the French School of Archaeology.”

Gaza is rich in antiquities as it has been an important trading center for civilizations dating back to the ancient Egyptians and the Philistines described in the Bible, through the Roman Empire and the Crusades.

Several discoveries have been made in recent years. Due to lack of funds and competent professionals, Gaza often invites international groups to help with the excavation and conservation process.

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