Socavón de Puebla increases in size; record landslide

The poblano sinkhole refuses to die in oblivion.

The huge crater that formed more than a year ago in the Municipality of Juan C. Bonillarises from the shadows and is back in the news.

During the early morning, according to state authorities and residents, it grew more thanks to a landslide.

The paraphernalia created in 2021 by the sinkhole, with everything and its songs, drinks, bread and likes, appears amid the informative notes of local media.

The news spread like wildfire: the residents claimed to hear a rumble at dawn and then see that their sinkhole increased in size. And they attributed it to earthquake that gave a scare to Mexico 19S.

Meanwhile, the State Secretary of the Interior, Ana Lucía Hillattributed the fall of land to the rains that have occurred in recent days in the area.

“It was raining for more than two hours in the sinkhole area… it would seem that the reasons are precisely the softening caused by the rains,” he said at the governor’s press conference.

In addition, they will begin drone flights to determine exactly how much it has grown from the last measurement, which gave 126 meters in diameter and twenty meters in depth.

The sinkhole does not represent any risk for the population, although it did return to occupy space in newspapers, web pages and in innocuous conversations.

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