Preventive medicine within the reach of an app? Yes, it’s called Ornament (more than 2 million people use it)

Principal function? Easy! Prevent and anticipate diseases. Along with the idea that prevention is the way not to contract them, Ornament was developed for this purpose: it not only improves and maintains health, but also allows people to extend their range of life.

This app is responsible for digitizing and analyzing laboratory results, assessing the status of all the body’s systems, offering personal recommendations and displaying relevant content in a kind of blog within the app. In addition, it allows you to personalize, according to your interests, the objective you want to achieve: lose weight, improve your sleep hours, eat better, etc.

If you want to have your medical history more at hand, the application allows you to upload it to access it in an easier and faster way. There are already more than 2 million people using the app, and it is downloaded by 100,000 new users every month.

“Efficiency and ease of use are the main advantages and have made Ornament be popular with users from countries all over the world. We are a Super App to manage the health of the whole family; ensures Dmitry Zholov, COO of Ornament Health AG.

How does it work? Through basic questions, a digital health profile is generated. Since then, Ornament It is responsible for analyzing and evaluating, pointing out possible problems, providing recommendations, offering expert advice on topics that may be of interest to users, etc.

We have always focused on being as personalized as possible and avoiding medicine in our design philosophy. We want health care to become a daily habit, says Anatoly Zenkov, Head of the Design Department of Ornament Health AG.

The application offers paid versions and presents various plans for users: $10 one month (with full health tracking features), $50 twelve months (with full health tracking features) and $95 forever (full features plus unlimited access). If it catches your attention, you can access a free trial week to see if the app is of interest to you.

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