Paola Rojas takes her son to the show and embarrasses her live | Video


Paola Rojas experienced an uncomfortable moment when taking her children from work, because one of them made an inappropriate comment while they were on the air and couldn’t help it from giving details, which in the end he found quite funny.

The driver He has revealed many embarrassing moments on the show, along with his companions; ranging from their experience in romantic relationships, to what they have experienced in their professional careers and what the public sees live.

On this occasion, he took his children to work, who participated in his live program, and that was the reason why one of them revealed something quite embarrassing, for some of his words.

The drivers were talking as they normally do; while their children were playing on the couches on the set, until one of them made a comment that surprised the public, for the naturalness with which he said it.

“My mom when she gets so angry, she throws punes”, revealed the oldest of her children honestly, not caring that they were on the air and surrounded by her co-workers.

Paola’s facial expression reflected how shocked she was to hear what her own son said, so she had no choice but to start laughing at what she was experiencing.

“How angry she is” he added while looking at the ground, as if it were a kind of revenge for some occasion in which she came to scold him when she was very angry.

The journalist continued to laugh and questioned him about what he had mentioned. “When I get angry, do I throw punes?”, he told her, leaving a silence to wait for the answer he gave her.

“Yes, by the force that you do”, revealed, which made her laugh even more, because he didn’t stop, even hoping she wouldn’t give more details, so she had to start laughing at herself.

“Can you imagine the scene?” Paola added between laughs while doing some sounds of what he apparently does when he scolds him and even shared it on his TikTok account, where users began to point out how uncomfortable he could be seen.

“Paola’s face of discomfort”, “The laugh of nerves”, “Paola’s face… she couldn’t hide the ‘you’ll see when we get home'”, “And her innocence as if nothing”, “The face of ‘at home we fix it son'”, “Paola’s fake laugh” and “well… you know the saying; ‘Children and drunks always tell the truth'”; are some of the comments left by his followers.

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