Panorama of the teams towards the league and playoffs in the Apertura 2022

ESPN presents the panorama of the 18 teams in the maximum circuit of Mexican football one week from its conclusion to make way for the final phase

The final week in the regular phase of the Opening 2022 will have a volatile lower zone of the general table since only two eliminated teams have been confirmed and five places remain for eight teams in struggle, as Blue Crosswho depends on himself to advance to the next round, but a bad result leaves him at the mercy of the ‘tide’ below him.

Quarter finals

America | 35 points | 16 matches

The Eagles qualified for the final phase of the Apertura 2022 from dates back and on the last day, against Puebla, they played for the general leadership. Any other result than a victory leaves them at the mercy of Monterrey.

Monterey | 34 points | 16 matches

The royal team will also be present in the final phase of the tournament. Before Pachuca in the final day he will see a direct competitor for the sub-leadership; in case of losing by more than three goals, he will lose the position.

Pachuca | 31 points | 16 matches

Los Tuzos are assured of a place among the top four qualifiers, however, a win against Monterrey by three goals or more gives them the second tier of the competition.

Saints | 30 points | 16 matches

The Guerreros have in their hands the permanence within the first four places, however, there is a slight probability of falling to the fifth place if Tigres outrageously thrashes Atlético de San Luis.


Tigers | 27 points | 16 matches

The felines are firmly in fifth place overall, although scoring a win against Atlético de San Luis and Santos losing by a loose score means a slight chance of promotion to Liguilla direta. Similarly, if they lose by a large number of goals and Toluca thrashes, they can drop one position.

Toluca | 24 points | 16 matches

Despite the streak of seven games without a win, the Red Devils secured a ticket to the final phase of the competition. It remains to be seen what place he will occupy in the repechage zone, since he still has the possibility of climbing a step or giving way to Chivas.

goats | 22 points | 16 matches

Chivas also has a guaranteed place in the playoff round, although it depends on the result against Cruz Azul to know its final position, since the rows that are located below will be involved in a volatile series of duels to know the rest of the classifieds.

lion | 21 points | 16 matches

The ‘Fiera’ is the owner of his own destiny in the playoffs, since a victory against Tijuana gives him life in the prelude to the Liguilla, but another result will force him to take out the calculator to find out what awaits him.

Blue Cross | 21 points | 16 matches

The ‘Machine’ is in a situation similar to that of León and a victory puts it on the other side in the qualifying positions, however, a setback against Chivas compromises its pass to the playoffs.

Puebla | 19 points | 15 games

The ‘Franja’ has some room for maneuver to ensure a playoff thanks to the two duels that are pending on the agenda, however, setbacks against Pumas and America leave it at the mercy of Atlético de San Luis, Necaxa, FC Juárez, Mazatlán FC and Tijuana, clubs can lower you from the list and even expel you from it.

Athletic of San Luis | 18 points | 16 matches

A win for the Potosí club against Tigres places them in the playoffs, but an adverse result puts their place in jeopardy.

Necaxa | 18 points | 15 games

The Hidrorayos must collect points against Mazatlán FC and Atlas to ensure a place in the playoffs, but leaving points on the road gives FC Juárez, the same team from Sinaloa and Tijuana the opportunity to leave them out.

FC Juarez | 16 points | 16 matches

The steeds will face some eliminated Pumas to look for three points that will put them on the waiting list for the playoffs, waiting for results in the lower part of the playoff zone.

Mazatlan FC | 15 points | 16 matches

The cañoneros have two pending duels to play, against Necaxa and Santos, so a place in the play-off zone is likely in case of two wins, but tripping complicates their aspirations.

Tijuana | 16 points | 16 matches

On the verge of elimination, León will visit in the fight for three points that favor him in the final count of points to meet the classifieds.

Cougars | 14 points | 15 games

In the event that the auriazul team does not win against Puebla or FC Juárez, it will be eliminated, but two wins give it a slight chance of sneaking into the top twelve teams of the semester.


Atlas | 10 points | 16 matches

The ship for the current two-time champion of Mexican soccer sailed several dates ago and the only thing that is at stake, against Necaxa, is in which of the last three places in the classification he will be portrayed at the end of the semester.

Queretaro | 9 points | 16 matches

Gallos Blancos only has Toluca left to find out if it will be the last or penultimate place in the general table.








5 Tigers vs. Necaxa 12

6 Toluca vs. Atletico San Luis 11

7 Guadalajara vs. Puebla 10

8 Lion vs Blue Cross 9

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