OV7 members are no longer supported

The situation between the members of OV7 is almost untenable. They even fight over the microphones and in the WhatsApp chat of the group, they tell us, they have silenced each other. Teams have been formed for a long time: Lidia and Mariana against Ari Borovoy, and the others have better stepped aside, fed up with the tensions and quarrels that have been going on for almost three years. Lidia deletes Ari from her stories on her social networks and Ari, in turn, avoids living with his tour companions. Coexistence between them is on edge, hoping to soon end the committed tour that keeps them together.

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Rocío Banquells, like Mayer, would seek the presidency

Now that Sergio Mayer has expressed his desire to run for the presidency of Mexico at some point, the singer and federal deputy Rocío Banquells comments that if her colleague thinks she has what it takes to improve the country, let her go, because it is her right and She too. “I also want to be president, I would love it, if I have in my hands the power to make this country a first world country and give people what they deserve: basic basket, work, good schools, improve the health system? why not? I would love to have that power and say I am going to give it, not take it to the grave but improve this country, which has everything to be great”.

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Dagoberto Gama wants to show his paternal side in fiction

The actor Dagoberto Gama, who has given life to many villains and drug traffickers, such as the prosecutor in “The Perfect Dictatorship” and ‘Gato Gordo’ in “Sin senos si hay paradise” confessed that, although his physical appearance gives him more characters bad, he bears a lot of resemblance to the opposite personalities, since he has a very paternalistic sense that identifies more with his new character, like the coach Don Chucho in the series “El repatriado”. “I am a father and I know what that means (being fatherly); On the other hand, I was a teacher for 26 years at UNAM, so that is delicious material to pour into a character with these characteristics. I really enjoyed it”, says Gama.

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