Natalia Alcocer shows the violence of her ex-partner Juan José Chimal

for months, Natalia Alcocer She has asked the authorities for support to imprison her ex-partner and father of her daughters, Juan José Chimal Velasco, who is free and was recently in Las Vegas with the permission of a judge.

The former “Survivor” participant shared a video in which she summarizes some things she has experienced in the last five years with the father of her daughters; In the material, it is observed that he pushes her while they walk down a corridor, in addition, in some photos of her, Alcocer shows blows on her face and on her arm.

“Today I raise my voice because I fear for my life, I have lived through hell for five years of physical, psychological, emotional violence and sexual assault,” he says in the delicate material he shared this morning on his Instagram account.

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Natalia regretted that despite the fact that Juan José Chimal is linked to the process, Judge María González Reyes granted him permission to travel outside of Mexico.

“Judge Luz de María González Reyes inflated my aggressor, made him feel that he could do anything even though he was linked to violence, let him leave the country.”


psychological violence

In addition to showing the physical violence that she has allegedly suffered at the hands of Juan José, in the video, Natalia shows the suffering of her daughters, whom, according to her words, “she continues to violate”, because in one of the materials, one of the girls cries while talking to him on the phone, she receives the news that they are going to have to change schools because the one she goes to “is very expensive”.

However, Alcocer showed images of the trip that his ex recently made to Las Vegas, arguing that he only exercises emotional and economic aggression against his daughters.

Finally, he reiterated that his aggressor always told him that he would be untouchable for being the former president’s brother-in-law. Enrique Pena Nietowhich is currently being investigated by the Attorney General’s Office for money laundering, electoral crimes and illicit enrichment.

“Several times during my relationship he repeated that, and that he violated me, with the fact that he was untouchable, that former President Enrique Peña Nieto had protected him.”

The former member of “Survivor” assured that if something happens to her, her daughters or someone in her family, Juan José Chimal will be responsible, and called on the authorities to put letters in the matter, because he fears for his life.

“Let’s not forget that violence is like a cancer, if we detect it in time we can eliminate it, I am the announcement of a femicide; if something happens to me, my daughters or my family, I blame this man for his influence peddling It is not my voice, it is the voice of all the women who experience any kind of violence in this country; justice for my daughters.”

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