Man gives money to grandfather who goes out to the streets to sell

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In different parts of the world there are stories of people who, because they do not have a source of income they are forced to go out to sell certain products, this is the case of a grandfather that offers lighters and handkerchiefs in different places of Palermo in Argentina to be able to complete their expenses.

But it was through TikTok that a user said he met this man and that his situation moved him a lotsince he looked sad and decided to help him.

“In his eyes I saw the sadness that he carried inside,” reads the text that contains the video.

This TikTok user called the man who was in a restaurant offering diners their merchandise. What was not expected is that he told her that he is going through difficult times after his wife passed away.

“Don’t cry, you have to move on,” Marcelo, the man who uploaded the video to TikTok, told him.

Marcelo was moved by his grandfather and stood up from the chair he was in to hug him and try to comfort him. at the same time he gave him 2000 Argentine pesosabout 277 Mexican pesos.

“Take 2000 and leave me nothing. Take everything. Calm down, don’t cry.”

However, the seller asked him to will take all the products he sold, but the tiktoker did not allow it.

“Nerd. stay all I know it’s for eating,” Marcelo said, but the man apologized. “It’s nothing, go easy,” the tiktoker replied.

Without a doubt, this moving gesture by Marcelo not only moved the man, but also all the people who have seen the video, since so far the clip has more than 200 thousand likes, as well as several comments where they applaud their good work.

“How beautiful what you have done. God bless you, friend”, “Congratulations, I hope there are more people like you”, “The best 2000 pesos invested. Thank you”, are some of the comments that appear in the publication.


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