Looking for a job in Canada? Company offers 30,000 pesos per month

Mexicans who are interested in working temporarily in Canada They will be able to take advantage of the opportunity announced by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) in different areas of the country to work in the processing of seafood.

through the employment exchange of the STPS, Mexicans are called to apply for the job positions that are offered for the 2023 fishing season, including for those workers who cannot speak English nor french.

Duties include cleaning the fishbrush and peel crabsdecorate the Locustas well as packaging, freezing, loading and unloading of the product.

They also have to verify and record the qualities of the Sea productsIn addition to cleaning and adjusting the machinery used, cleaning work areas to maintain hygiene and health standards.

The required documents for the application are:

  1. Curriculum Vitae updated;
  2. Valid passport or renewal appointment before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  3. Certificate of studies;
  4. Recent letters proving required work experience;
  5. Proof of address;
  6. INE credential; Y,
  7. CURP.

The Ministry of Labor also maintains an active program so that agricultural day laborers work temporarily in Canada.

On April 7, the STPS reported that 11,000 farm workers who had traveled in the 2022 Season, and estimated that this year more than 26,000 day laborers would be integrated in a legal, orderly and safe manner into the fields of agricultural production with the support and protection of the Mexican and consular authorities.

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