Logitech leaks upcoming iPad Pro models

Logitech could have leaked the new iPad Pro models

Logitech leaks upcoming iPad Pro models

New iPads are about to arrive at the Apple Store and users are eager to discover all their news and the models that will be updated. Nevertheless, one of the partner companies would have leaked the next iPad of the “Pro” range that will be presented very soon.

Apple has saved a few things to present later and not during its last event. Among some of the new announcements expected are the updates to some iPad models.

And although the rumors can come from many sites, leakers, users and others. Yesterday “a little big stumble” by Logitech could confirm us two new iPad Pro that were displayed by the brand’s website by mistake.

Logitech shows information about two new iPad Pro

Logitech updated the information of its Logitech Crayon, the pencil manufactured by this company and that is the only Apple Pencil replacement approved by Apple.

However, and by mistake, among the new information that was exposed about this accessory, they added two new iPad Pros with which this Logitech Pencil would be compatible and they are:

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th generation)
  • 11-inch iPad Pro (4th generation)

What makes this leak more viable is that in the list these models were found with the legend “Model: Coming Soon” and besides, at this moment the page has been refreshed again to remove this information.

Fortunately, the 9to5mac site was able to rescue this event thanks to a screenshot that now reinforces and almost confirms the arrival of these new Pro models from 2022.

iPad Pro 2022

Screenshot from 9to5mac showing Logitech information on the new iPad Pro

The new event where the new iPad and iPad Pro are announced is expected to arrive in the month of october. Because of this, in a few days we could start seeing Apple advertising.

Another of the models that is expected to arrive is the iPad 10, which could finally include Touch ID on the power button.

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