Lilly Téllez demands that Morenoite senator José Narro renounce jurisdiction for ties to drug traffickers – El Financiero

The Zacatecan politician José Narro Céspedes must request a license at your seat as senator of the Republic and undergo an investigation of the Attorney General of the Republic for its alleged ties with members of the drug gangsdemanded PAN senator Lilly Téllez.

the legislator for Sonora, from the tribune, considered that it is necessary to investigate their relationship with the alleged financial operator of the Northeast Cartel: Gerardo Teodoro Vázquez Barrera, ‘El Gerry’, revealed by the journalist Héctor de Mauleón.

“Your presence in the Senate with your jurisdiction and holding a position as a senator dirty the SenateY messes with national politics that you happily live with a drug trafficker, that you do not hide your addiction to money not only from the treasury, but also to dirty money and from drug trafficking.

Lilly Téllez demands that Narro Céspedes resign so that he can be investigated

If you don’t owe anything, step aside. Y let the prosecution investigate, but you cannot continue pretending that nothing is happening. We have a senator photographed with a drug trafficker, involved in a scandal that implies a lot of danger for our country,” said the legislator.

According to Senator Téllez, from “his bench they protect him and pretend that nothing is happening, someone must have dignity, I urge you to have it. His case is extremely serious and must be investigated. In addition, it puts the rest of us in danger and above all it puts those of us who point it out in danger, because your friends are people of care, your friends are in organized crime and you have plenty of dirty resources, so be very clear, ” he added.

In response, the senator narro asserted that the accusations made against him are based on “false” documents.

“These are words that come and go; they have no livelihood. If she has something to say, let her go to the Prosecutor’s Office; that she go to the Prosecutor’s Office. Surely Héctor De Mauleón will be summoned to the Prosecutor’s Office and at the time he will have to clarify where he got those false documents and where he got all those false arguments that have colored his different articles that he has published in the media, “he said. the.

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