Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo revealed his state of health: “I am condemned to die suffocated one day,” he says

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo revealed his state of health. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo was honest about his health condition and assured that it is “condemned to die suffocated one day” due to lung complications who has suffered for several years. It was a few months ago when the producer He confessed his situation in an interview with Matilde Obregon.

“I am condemned to die suffocated one day because I will not be able to breathe, that is a sentence, it is natural”,

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, actor.

The celebrity, who was part of the “Zero in behavior” program, explained that, in addition to the tumor what happened to him diagnosed years ago also has COPD and diabetes.

“They detected a tumor in my left lung, in the upper lobe and they removed it completely, the lobe… That scare I went through caused me diabetes, I am diabetic. And because I have smoked for 47 years of my life, I have COPD, chronic lung disease.”

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, actor.

The actor explained that he has less lobeswhich allow air to enter the respiratory system, from the healthy people.

“Two years ago they detected another tumor on my right side and they removed my middle lobe, so I have three lobes, instead of the five that humans have. It’s hard for me to breathe.”

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, actor.

Nevertheless, Ortiz de Pinedohe said grateful for his health, despite the fact that he is not of the all good.

“I appreciate the health I have, which is not good. It’s not good because it gave me cancer eight years ago.”

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo

Finally, Ortiz de Pinedo sent a message to people that, like him, they smoked by many years.

“That is the fault of all those who smoke, who should think and see themselves in these mirrors, which costs a lot of work, I know. Raúl Vale died of this, many of my friends died of lung cancer and I did not pay attention, so he touched me ”,

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