Isabel II. Her funeral in numbers, the most watched in history

This September 19, the remains of Isabel II from United Kingdom received a moving state funeral at Westminster Abbey. She later she was buried next to her father, George VIhis mother, Elizabeth I, his sister Daisy flower and her dear husband, Philip of Edinburgh at Windsor Castle.

This funeral event represented a historic moment, since the death of the British monarch on September 8, ended a reign of 70 years and 214 days, so here we present some of the most striking figures left by the funeral of Elizabeth II.

Elizabeth II’s funeral in numbers

4, 100 million people attended the funeral of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, which was broadcast from different television stations to the Internet in more than 200 countries. If the figure is confirmed, it would become the most watched broadcast in history.

According to an analyst from the “Statista” portal, the deceased sovereign’s funeral will double the transmission numbers reached by Lady Di’s funeral in 1997, which was seen by 2.5 billion people.

10,000 police They were deployed in the United Kingdom to protect the events in honor of Elizabeth II, which took place mainly in Westminster, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. In the words of Stuart Cundy it was the “most complex operation in the history of London”.

5,949 members of the army supported the work of the London police since September 8. According to “Los Angeles Times”, the figure breaks down into 4,416 members of the army, 847 of the navy and 686 of the air force.

4,000 military They participated in the processions on Monday, September 19, which transferred the coffin of Elizabeth II from Westminster Abbey to Windsor Castle, according to information from “The Washington Post”.

elizabeth united kingdom coffin funeral military(Military moved the coffin of Isabel II / EFE)

2,000 guests they gathered at Westminster Abbey to witness the final farewell to the monarch. This figure includes around 90 dignitaries, from presidents and prime ministers to representatives.

2, 868 diamonds they are the ones found in the crown of the Imperial State that remained on the coffin of the monarch. In addition to 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, 269 pearls, and 4 rubies.

262 years they had to elapse for Westminster Abbey to host another funeral, the last being that of King George II in 1760.

8 kilometers it was the length of the queue created by the people who showed up at Westminster Abbey last week to see off their Queen. The official number of attendees is not yet estimated.

-More of 120 cinemas broadcast the queen’s funeral live

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