In Nevada, pilot loses his life when plane crashes during race; video

The FAA is already investigating the plane crash. Photo: Getty Images/Illustrative.

An airplane race ended with the death of a pilot after his aircraft crashed into the ground and caused a subsequent fire, a fact that was captured by the television cameras.

In social networks, the moment was shared when two racing planes were flying side by sidewhen one of them, little by little, approached the ground, until it touched the ground and, due to the impact, was engulfed in flames.

Due to the speed, it can be seen in the images how the remains of the plane advance a few meters ahead.

Strong images, discretion advised:

Organizers confirm accident

The events occurred during the Stihl National Championship Air Races and Air Show, held September 14-18 in RenoNevada, United States.

It was during the last day of competitions that the accident occurred, which was later confirmed by the organizers, in which an airplane was involved.

“Right now we are gathering information and confirming incident details that happened today during the Jet Gold Race. We can confirm that only one aircraft was involved. The National Air Racing Championship has suspended all operations for the 2022 event.”

Reno Air Racing Association.

Dead pilot identified

They also added that the incident occurred on the third lap of the jet gold race, so there will be an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federalto the Aviation Administration (FAA).

According to local media, Aaron Hogue, 61of Paso Robles, California, is the identified driver who lost his life in his L-29 Super Delfin when it crashed on lap 3 of 6 during the Jet Gold Race on September 18.

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