In Las Vegas they help him walk through his inconvenient state

Christian Nodal had a great time in Las Vegas, where he offered a concert with the sound band Nunca Jamás, the interpreter of “Botellas after bottle” had such a good time that a video circulating on networks shows that the party ended very late and that the 23-year-old singer needed help to leave the place.

Nodal, who is in the middle of the Outlaw Tour of the United States, is giving something to talk about by appearing in a video in which he cannot walk on his own, as he would be in an inconvenient state to do so, for which he received help from his security personnel , who made way for him at the insistence of some people to take pictures with him.

In said video, Christian appears smiling but with a somewhat lost look while he is taken by the arms and led to the exit of the place amid the shouts of the people; Some people did manage to take photos with the Mexican despite the fact that he only smiles but does not stop to attend to anyone.

In his Instagram stories, Christian posted a video in which he appears in the same clothes, talking about his next musical novelties, yes, between laughs he admits that he had a great time in Las Vegas.

“Yesterday we enjoyed Las Vegas like we’re supposed to,” he said.

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Nodal said goodbye to Las Vegas and flew to Argentina, where he will have a collaboration with “someone very special”… is he referring to his girlfriend Cazzu?

The truth is that now that the Mexican was in the United States, he did not stop missing his girlfriend, the rapper who stole his heart for months, because he even dedicated a story to her on Instagram.

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