IMSS-Wellness increases surgeries and diabetes screening tests in Nayarit and Colima

The CEO of Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), Zoe Robledoreported that with the incorporation of the model IMSS-Well-being in Nayarit and Colimaproductivity was increased in consultations of Family Medicineof Specialty, surgeries Y diabetes screening in the First Level units and hospitals.

During the press conference led by the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorin National Palace, Zoe Robledo indicated that in Nayarit the comparison is from the last month before IMSS-Wellbeing against the average of the five months (April to August) in which this model was already established.

He explained that in consultations of Family Medicine it went from 341 per month to 6,904, this is an increase of 1,924 percent and in total 35,000 Family Medicine consultations have been made in the last five months; in Specialty consultation it increased from 1,884 to 12,155, 545 percent more and a cumulative of 59,630 Specialty consultations in five months.

The CEO of IMSS highlighted that in Nayarit it went from 627 surgeries in one month to 1,594, an increase of 154 percent and a total of 7,894 of these procedures; in the case of screening applications diabetes the monthly average went from 503 to 4,496, and in delivery care it increased from 369 to 593, that is, 61 percent.

“This means that many of these attentions previously had to be dealt with in private media, which generated out-of-pocket costs,” he stressed.

Zoe Robledo noted that in the case of Colima is a comparison of two months, from July before IMSS-Wellbeing, to August already with this model: Family Medicine consultations went from 259 to 2 thousand 91; specialty consultations increased from 4 thousand 387 to 6 thousand 502, with an increase of 48 percent, and surgeries went from 389 to 748, this is 92 percent more.

In addition, the application of detection tests for diabetes it went from 30 to 642, which means a productivity of 6,703 percent; in cervical cancer tests (pap smear) went from 9 to 88 applications.

Regarding the progress of IMSS-Wellness Health Planthe general manager of Social Security reported that in Nayarit the coverage of specialist doctors is 100 percent and that of general practitioners and nursing, 97 percent.

He pointed out that the basification is at 65 percent, and training at 100 percent in First and Second Level of care. In infrastructure and rehabilitation of medical units, the intervention has already been completed in 15 hospitals and 219 First Level units have progressed by 80 percent.

In the supply, a percentage was reached in Nayarit of 98.6 percent of filled prescriptions and at this moment we are in the process of acquiring 4 thousand 330 pieces of medical equipmentfor an amount of 194 million pesos.

The CEO of IMSS reported that in Tlaxcalathere is a presence in 100 percent of the units: 10 hospitals and 195 Health centers; the coverage of specialist doctors it reached 95 percent, and in general practitioners and nursing staff, 87 percent.

Basification is at 66 percent, training at 100 percent in hospitals and 77 percent in Health centers.

Zoe Robledo indicated that the rehabilitation of medical units in Tlaxcala It has already concluded in 10 hospitals and for 50 units of the First Level there is an advance of 60 percent; On October 1, another group of First Level units starts in the entity.

Regarding supply, 91 percent of prescriptions are stocked, 2,855 pieces of equipment for the First Level and 1,351 for the Second Level are in the process of being acquired.

reported that in Colima there is presence in 100 percent of the units, 5 hospitals, a Hemodialysis Center and 132 First Level care units.

You have 100 percent coverage specialist doctorswith 74 percent of general practitioners and nursing; in basification, there are already 241 of 729 basified workers, 100 percent of training in hospitals and 98 percent in Health centers.

He pointed out that in infrastructure, the rehabilitation of 5 hospitals and 64 First Level units was completed with progress of 60 percent. Regarding supply of medicinesis 92 percent fully stocked with prescriptions and is in the process of acquiring 3,606 pieces of equipment.

The CEO of Social Security He emphasized that progress is being made with the IMSS-Wellness Health Plan in supply, equipment and personnel training in the states of sound, Lower California South, Sinaloa Y Campeche.

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