If the coalition breaks up, it will be because of the attitudes of Marko Cortés, warns Rubén Moreira

The coordinator of the PRI in the Chamber of Deputies, Ruben Moreirawarned that his party is for the maintenance of the collation goes to Mexicoand assured that if this is broken, it will be “because of the personal attitudes” of the national leader of the PAN, Marko Cortés.

Interviewed inside the San Lázaro legislative precinct, he denounced that the PAN member is “interfering” with the PRI, for which he demanded that he stop doing so.

“Mr. Marko Cortes that, with all due respect, stick to your party. Make a respectful call not to take personal extremes, political positions, I think that does not help. The PRI is for the coalition, and let it be very clear, if the coalition breaks up, it is because of the personal attitudes of Marko Cortés,” he declared.

Moreira Valdez called Cortés Mendoza “to prudence, and to measure.”

“And not to try to interpret the thinking of the PRI members. He does not have the capacity to make agreements and for these to materialize, I have many friends in the PAN and it would be as much as if I spoke with PAN members from many states and skip it to him , has to show much more respect to the national leadership. And something very important, that Marko thinks that there is another PRI that does not like to be with National Action, and that we, from the leadership, have combined responsibilities and efforts to move forward ” , he accused.

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The tricolor deputy insisted that for the PRI no coalition is going to breakalthough he did call to redefine it under new rules.

“It is very important to define the scope of it, if it is a solely electoral coalition, if we are talking about a government coalition, or if we are talking about a coalition for specific points in Legislative matters, because in this third thing they have to respect our differences ideological principles and our ideological principles, we must clearly define its limits and the horizons of this type of coalition,” he said.

Rubén Moreira said that if the three parties had the same ideology, “we would fall into the absurdity of becoming one,” for which he called for respect of thoughts.

“For us at this time, security is the most important thing, and we are not going to haggle peace and tranquility from citizens,” he declared.

Finally, he urged the senators of his party to vote in favor of the initiative to expand the presence of the army in the streetsand assured that if it is not now, it will never be.

“If there is no vote now, then there will be no vote, then there will be no conditions and the PRI cannot commit, there are those who say that we do it until 2024, there will be no conditions, we will be in the middle of the elections, then it is now or never, and everyone has to be responsible for their votes,” he concluded.

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