How much data does the HBO Max app consume and how to control it

HBO Max offers you a wide variety of content so you can enjoy its catalog without limitations.

How much data does the HBO Max app consume and how to control it

HBO Max is a streaming platform owned by Warner Bros, this popular service was created to compete against the other entertainment platformssince it has a wide variety of the most popular series, movies and feature films of the moment, as well as many offers so that you pay less for the subscription.

This platform has gone integrating endless content, expanding its repertoirehere you can find the most watched series and the most anticipated premieres such as La Casa del Dragon, the prequel to the popular Game of Thrones saga.

For this reason, It is not unreasonable to imagine that given the great content that HBO Max offers, you are not obsessed with spending as much time enjoying this application. However, this service still does not allow you to measure the data you consume, so we will tell you how to take a better control of these. Next, we tell you the details.

How much data does HBO Max use in 1 hour?

This is what consumes 1 hour of content playback on HBO Max

This is what consumes 1 hour of content playback on HBO Max

Unlike the other HBO Max streaming service platforms, still does not allow to select the playback quality from any of the existing formats so you cannot visualize through it the amount of data it consumes the application. However, some pages and users have made their own measurements and they estimate that it is 1 GB per hour of playback.

How to limit data consumption on HBO Max in the mobile app

Yes you do not know how much data this application has consumed youand you want limit your data usageIt’s simple, you just have to follow these simple steps.

  • The first thing you should do is enter the application hbo max.
  • Afterwards, you must click on your profile icon which is located in the upper right corner.
  • Now you enter the icon Setting which is also located in the upper right corner.
  • After this, you must navigate from the options to the section Reproduction.
  • Lastly, you must enable option Stream only when a WiFi network is available.

After these simple steps you will have scheduled data consumption of this application, making only play your content over a Wi-Fi network.

How much HBO Max consumes in megabytes

Due to estimates of some users and pages, it is presumed that the HBO Max application consumes 1024 Megabytes, per hour of reproduction.Nevertheless, you can measure this consumption through the configuration of your phone and thus carry a finer control over data consumption of this app.

What speed is needed for HBO Max?

usually so you can optimally enjoy streaming servicesnecessary have an excellent internet connection or at least a stable connection above average, since the quality of the videos offered in these applications is so high that it requires a good internet. That is why we will tell you what is the recommended speed to view HBO Max content.

  • 5MB/s to power view high-definition content.
  • 25MB/s to power view content in 4K UHD.

How to make HBO Max not spend data?

So you can make HBO Max not consume so much data from your rate

So you can make HBO Max not consume so much data from your rate

Like all the Streaming platforms that exist, HBO Max will also allows you to download its content in order to facilitate the visualization of these and give you a greater savings in the consumption of your data.For that reason, the simplest method is use a WiFi network and download all the content you plan to watchand then view it offline.

How many GB does HBO Max consume per month?

The consumption that HBO Max could have per month will depend on the use you have given to this application, during this period of time. However, although you cannot measure this consumption directly by application, you can based on the presumed measurement that has been indicated previously of 1 Gigabyte per hour of content played.

If so, the consumption that this application would give you per month would be:

  • 1 daily content of 1 hour and 30/45 minutes on average and in the quality they offer, it could generate 53,760 Gigabytes of consumption per month.

This calculation is based on these measurements, however, this average will depend on the use you have given it.

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