Historic date! September 20, the day that everything changed for America

A day like today, but from 1981, would forever change the course of the Azulcremas until they became what we know today as the greatest team in Mexico.

A day like today, but from 1981, the Eagles were born.
© America clubA day like today, but from 1981, the Eagles were born.

To talk about Club América in Mexican soccer, different points must be addressed, which range from its drag at the national level and beyond our borders to what has to do with what is strictly sports, such as local and international titleshistory of Classics won, as well as figures that have passed through its ranks.

However, before all that, there was a moment that marked a before and after in the history of the institution. A day like today, September 20, but 1981the club would take a different course by making the decision to change its image, colors, uniform and even its nickname.

And it is that America was known as the creamsthe Millions or the canariesbut with the arrival of Emilio Diez Barroso to the institution, came the decision to give a radical turn to the team to turn it into what we know today. The Eagles were born, the mythical uniform of the V arrived along with a generation of footballers who became immortalized.

The intention of ten muddy It was that, from the nickname, the team imposed respect, something that did not seem to happen with Canaries. Because of that, he determined that from then on, they would be the Águilas del América, a label with which the club’s golden age came with titles of all kinds that to date have it as the biggest and winner of Mexico.

In this way, September 20 is a historic date for Club América. That day the Eagles were born.

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