Former official steals 1.5 million pesos during the honors to the Flag | News from Mexico

DURANGO.- They arrest a former official for theft of 1.5 million pesos during the honors of the Flag.

She was identified as Luisa N., 33, who was placed at the disposal of a Public Ministry Agency in Durango.

Former official steals 1.5 million during the honors to the Flag

It all started just moments before starting with the ceremony of flag raising on September 16.

received one Anonymous complaint in which the presence of a female person inside the building of the Undersecretary of Finance and Administration.

The complainant stated that the woman was stealing money from said institution and documentationwhich would take him in a white Mazda vehicle and indicating the license plate number.

Police arrest officer for robbery

Police Officers Investigating Crimesto verify the report, they located parked in the back of the property the vehicle described in the complaint anonymousreported El Heraldo de México.

It was then that the reported woman was found in possession of a large transparent polyethylene bag that at first glance it was observed that they were bundles of money, as well as his handbag.

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The agents detained her and when asking about the money, the former official said they belonged to the Undersecretary of Expenditures of the Secretary of Finance and Administration of the State Government.

He added that he worked as a technical assistant to the Undersecretary of Expendituresand could not explain why he had that cash and documents in his possession.

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