Former official arrested in Durango; stole 1.6 million pesos in cash from government offices

According to Reforma former official in the administration of the former Governor of Durango, Jose Rosas Aispuro, was arrested for taking out of the offices of Finances 1.6 million pesos and documents.

According to statements, on September 16 an anonymous complaint was received indicating the presence of a female person inside the building of the undersecretary of Finance and administrationwho was stealing money, and they pointed out that he was driving a car Mazda white, indicating the number of plates.


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When you go the Crime Investigative Police to verify the report, he locates the vehicle described in the anonymous complaint parked in the back of the building, and they see a female person leaving the building in possession of a transparent bag with bills.

It was about “Luisa N” 33 years oldthe same one who boarded the car, but after her the elements of the Crime Investigative Police come out, the same ones who ask her to stop.


When questioned about the origin of the money (1.6 million pesos), he stated that they belonged to the Undersecretary of Expenditures of the Finance Secretariat of Durangostating that he worked as a technical assistant to the undersecretary of expensesbut could not explain why she had the money and documents in her possession, for which she was arrested.

The woman was placed at the disposal of the Agent of the Public Ministry and after an initial hearing, he was placed in preventive detention, pending resolution of his legal situation within the legal term.

For its part, the newly incoming GGovernor Esteban Villegas Villarreal, issued instructions so that in the case of crimes that have to do with the loss of the State’s patrimony, proceed according to attachment to Lawno matter who or who are the people involved.


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