Fan of León falls in love with a police officer and searches for her on networks | VIDEO

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In the world of social networks it is very common for some users to ask for help to find someone that crossed their path and from which they were instantly arrowed, being a stadium of soccerwith thousands of people in the stands, the ideal setting for this type of meeting to take place.

This is what happened to a lion fan in the duel that La Fiera held against Gallos Blancos del Querétaro on the past day 15 of Liga MX, where the young man known as AkSaucedoon your own TikTokfell in love, not with a fan of his team or the rival, but with a young policewoman who was guarding order at the camp level.

In a video posted on his account, the man focuses on the uniformed who meets his shield and helmet with a serious countenance; however, at lock eyes with the fan and realizing that he is recording her, she blushed in such a way that she could not hide it, showing a slight smile.

Ask for help to find the León Stadium police

“Please share it, just yesterday (Sunday) was the game, i know we can find it. Greetings from Leóndres”, he wrote AkSaucedo to his followers in order to have a second, more formal meeting with the official.

The reactions did not wait either, because the video was already viewed more than a million and a half timeshas almost 200 thousand ‘likes’ and more than 2 thousand comments, most of them highlighting the gesture of the smile and encouraging him to meet the police who left him with a crush.

“You snitched on her, it’s a good sign”, “You already found her? I already want to read this success story”, “I’m following you just to see if you find it, bro”, are some of the responses received.


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