Due to rain, the match between Chivas Femenil and Tigres Femenil was suspended

Guadalajara Jalisco. /

A heavy rain fell tonight in Guadalajara and forced the match between Chivas Women and Tigres Women outside discontinued momentarily. To the minute 75the referee, Priscilla Perezdecided to stop the match when he saw that the ball could no longer be driven by the players.

The scoreboard was in favor of the Tapatias with the goal of adriana iturbide. The rain began and the game went on, but when it fell harder the central called the rojiblancas to explain to them what was happening and he also did the same with the felines.

The stands emptiedbecause the little hobby that the match of the current champions was given left the premises due to heavy rain.

After almost half an hour, the game has not been resumed and it is expected that the weather conditions allow the end of the match that closes Day 12 of the Women’s MX League.


After waiting for 35 minutes and the work of the gardeners to remove excess water on the court with giant rollers, the match resumed.

Perez signaled the start of the match minute 75 and the Tapatias maintained their advantage in the remaining time. Even, Josephine Montoyawho came on as a substitute, had the opportunity to score the second goal and thus sentence the game, but his shot was stopped by Cecilia Santiago.

The game is over and Chivas won 1-0 to claim the lead with 33 points above Rayadas who has 29.


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