Disappeared in Jalisco: They find three bodies in the Cerro del Cuatro

In coordination with state authorities, members of the collective in search of their loved ones “Light of hope”, notified that there are three bodies found to date in a field search carried out in the Four Hill, in Tlaquepaque.

The search began yesterday, Monday, with the support of the Local Search Commissionthe Special Prosecutor for Disappeared Persons and the Secretary of Security, from which two positives were located, in the case of two bodies found on this site, while one more was found this Monday.

According to the group, these are the remains of two men and a woman, who will be taken to the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences waiting for the corresponding opinions to be made to confront the families who are looking for their missing loved ones.

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“At all times the group was kept up to date with the search and the correct protocols to follow. Strictly adhering to the law and respecting and asserting the rights of each and every one. Compañeras, thank you very much for resisting and persisting, let’s remember that giving up is not an option and we are missing thousands,” the group said through its social networks.

The search does not end this Tuesday, but will continue tomorrow Wednesday and until it is ruled out that there are no more victims on the site.

COURTESY/Light of Hope

They ask Searchers of Sonora to respect due diligence

Through a petition delivered to state authorities in government palace23 groups of families in search of their missing loved ones from the Condition and entities like Michoacan Y soundThey called for the searches they carry out in the field to be carried out in accordance with the law and to respect due diligence.

The foregoing after the video shared on social networks on September 13 where it is observed that the Searchers of Sonora have positive findings in a clandestine grave in Tlajomulco de ZunigaHowever, they extract the human remains from the earth by manipulating the crime scene and crime material.

The foregoing, they pointed out, was carried out “by inexperienced, unqualified hands, and lacking the necessary care and measures to preserve information that could help clarify the facts, the matter of the crime, and be able to guarantee access to justice, to the truth, and others, of the direct victims”, indicated the signatory groups.

For this reason, they asked the authorities to guarantee that this will not happen again, to urge them not to manipulate the remains found and, on the contrary, the extraction be done in collaboration with the authorities in order to preserve the evidence, besides that at Searchers of Sonora They were asked to collaborate as a whole as the laws on the matter say and as the state groups have been working with the same goal: to collaborate in the search for their relatives so that they return home soon.



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